Commentary Today

Clean politics? Litter unites parties
WATKINSVILLE - If only politicians in Washington could clean up things this well.

Forum: States McCarter about more than politics
States McCarter was much more than a quick rehash of Athens politics can capture. To put it simply, he was a force of nature. His service to the local government was the byproduct of a life dedicated to hard work and helping others. When we moved to Cedar Creek, States was one of the first people to ring our doorbell and say hello. That initial conversation blossomed into friendship, and States quickly became a treasured mentor.

Politics, protests and 'Pals': Bill Ayers speaks at annual human rights festival
Bill Ayers can be proud of at least one thing: He helped add a new phrase to the English lexicon. In the 2008 presidential campaign, Republicans held up the 1960s radical and other controversial figures like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright as proof that Barack Obama had shadowy Chicago connections.

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